Curiosity, challenge, care, choices and chances

KG stage has always been the foundation of a child’s learning journey; a successful and happy start will secure a love for learning that will help them in their coming years. It is wonderful how children at this stage can develop and acquire new skills. Teaching this age group is most rewarding as a teacher can sense the difference every day. The practice is most successful when the school, parents and the young learners share the same vision. Collaboration will secure a smooth end enjoyable school experience for the child.

Children at this age are extremely curious; they have a notion for discovery which is a fundamental base to build on.  Our KG curriculum is based on the new curriculum provided by the Ministry of Education, which lays more weight on speaking skills, refining the child’s motor and gross skills and unleashing their imagination.

Our core subjects are: English, Mathematics, Arabic, Computing, Music and PE. A special focus is given to teaching phonetics and to enhancing presentation skills through our regular Show and Tell curriculum.

We care about the personal, social and emotional development of our children and accordingly we try to teach our children to be kind, to share and care about others, to be confident and believe in themselves and their abilities, listen actively and respond thoughtfully, to understand their own feelings and express their thoughts freely. Resolving conflicts and meditation are life skills which we always enhance at this early age.

As we share bringing up these young minds, we learn everyday a new lesson, we become more aware and challenge ourselves with a new opportunity.