Mona Soliman

Head of Primary

I am Mona Soliman, Head of the Primary Stage. With over 15 years of experience in dealing with various national and international systems, I bring a wealth of knowledge to my role.

Recognizing the weight of this position, I hold myself accountable for both my actions and those of my staff. Our unwavering focus is on nurturing the character and progress of our beloved students. I firmly believe that my leadership style and integrity play a pivotal role in motivating and inspiring both students and staff in a positive manner.

My goal is always geared towards making a difference. I view each day at MILS as a tremendous opportunity. Ultimately, my role is to assist every child in discovering their unique talents and genius. This endeavor is a collaborative effort involving parents, staff, and students.

The primary strategic goal we collectively concentrate on is the achievement and progress of our students, empowering them to shape their future by enhancing their skills. This commitment aligns with our core values and GEMS/EEP strategic goals, all working towards fulfilling our school vision. Adhering to our school's policies will guide and support us on this educational journey.

As partners in this journey, your impact is substantial. Encouraging your children and participating in our events and activities add great value to our school community.

Remember, "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." - Michael Jordan