Curriculum for Primary School

Learning lifelong skills through the National Curriculum of England

Our Primary school starts with grade 1 through grade 6. The lower primary stage is somewhat a transitional period for our KG children. Children learn to be more independent and start exploring new subjects.

In grade 1 we introduce our second foreign language instruction. Students of the English stream are free to choose either French or German while students of the French stream study English as their second language. Other core subjects are: English, Mathematics, Arabic, Religion, Computing, PE and Music. Co-curricular activities are part and parcel of our curriculum delivery in addition to weekly lessons for children to select one or more activity based on their special preference. The science club, the cooking club, the robotics club, the choir and the music band are some are the most popular activities among our students.

By the beginning of grade 4, our lower primary core subjects are extended to include Social Studies which is obligatory taught in Arabic in addition to General Science which is either delivered in English or in French according to the student stream of education.

Students sit for exams scheduled and monitored by the Ministry of Education by the end of each term. Exams in primary stage are internally set and marked, except for grade 6 where exams are externally set but internally marked.

By the end of primary stage, a student is expected to have a sound knowledge of all major subjects and to have developed their reading, speaking, listening and writing skills of foreign languages. They are by then steadily moving further to another milestone of their education.