A wealth of expertise in guiding our students through their preparatory and secondary years

Our curriculum is the Egyptian National Curriculum, and we follow the framework that has been put by the Ministry of Education. This curriculum is multidisciplinary and emphasises the unity of all subjects avoiding repetition. At MILS we teach our students Math, Science, History, Geography, Art and Music, Arabic and Social Studies amongst other subjects as well. Being a language school, we put a huge emphasis on English language to successfully accomplish our learning objectives.

Preparatory Section

The Egyptian National Curriculum is a rich and broad curriculum which requires experienced, qualified teachers to deliver efficiently.  English and French high level instruction covers all aspects of the language including literature study; Drama, Novel and Poetry in depth. Students are now expected to be fluent in foreign languages in addition to their own mother tongue. The differentiation now between the three branches of General Science is evident. Similarly, the Social Studies curriculum becomes more elaborate. Students at this phase can identify their preferences and make plans for their future studies in Secondary Stage.  By the end of this stage students sit for ministerial exams which are set and marked externally.


Secondary Section

During grade 10 students study a wide range of subjects including: Arabic, First foreign language, Second foreign language, Maths, Geography, History, Philosophy, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Religion, Civics and ICT.

During grade 11 and 12 students study 3 obligatory subjects: Arabic, First Foreign Language and Second Foreign Language while the rest of their subjects depend upon the selected section. They are required to choose between Maths or Science or Arts Section. 

A student who prefers the Arts Section will study History, Geography, Philosophy and Sociology as part of that.

For Students who choose the Science Section they will study Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geology. Students who join the Maths Section cover Physics, Chemistry, Statics and Dynamics, Algebra, Solid Geometry, as well as Differentiation and Integration.

Religion and Civics are also compulsory subjects but they are not added up to the students GPA.

The current Minister of Education is undergoing several changes to upgrade the education practices in all age groups.